Jeff Fandl - The New Face of Washington Politics

Progressive Democratic Candidate for

US Congress - Florida District 22

Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Parkland, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek

Do you feel like nothing is changing in Washington and politics are only getting worse?  Have you considered that perhaps it's time to elect a candidate who has the successful business leadership skills and experience to drive change in Washington?  Jeff Fandl has that experience to lead change and steer a better course for the American People.  Vote Jeff Fandl for US Representative in Congress for Florida's FL-22 District in the Primary elections.

Our current leadership has failed the American people.  Let's face it we knew that Republicans see the world through a different lens, what we didn't know is just how bad things were able to get with a narcissistic President leading them down a path of destruction to what makes America great, all so the wealthiest can gain even more wealth.  The Blue Wave is coming for a reason and this time you cannot afford not to make your voice heard.  Friends and coworkers have told me that they did not vote in the last election because they didn't like either candidate, well we cannot do that again!  You have to pick a candidate or a party this year and it seems pretty clear that educated America is leaning blue.  This year, make sure you vote for the candidates with the best interest of the American People at heart, vote for a Democrat.

Will your vote for me count?  Only if you first vote in the Primary elections which are held 3 months before the General Election in November.  Make sure you mark August 28th on your calendar for the day you will go the Primary polls and decide which Democrat you would like to see in office to represent you and the American People.


Why should you vote for me?

My agenda is focused on Social & Economic issues that affect the People in our community and around the country. My Top Agenda items will improve the lives of Floridians throughout our state.

My goals are; to provide an affordable, sustainable solution for healthcare for all Americans with my plan, provide extensive worker protections to the working class so that job changes do not financially ruin an individual or family, to reduce the amount of deaths due to gun violence which has exceeded alarming rates for far too long with no action, to work closely with other politicians to restore the Government's responsibility of representing the People, not just deep pockets or big business.  Click on one of the Top Agenda items below to take a deeper dive into my policy positions.


Health Care

Worker Protections

Gun Safety




I am proud to be a highly successful business leader who is a non-politician, the New Face of Washington.  Sending Jeff Fandl to Washington will get your voice heard on what's important to you and other Floridians just like you, not just big business.  Your vote will count when you elect me to represent you in Congress.  Make sure you vote for me in the Florida Primaries on August 28th and then in the General election on Nov 6th.  The Primaries on August 28th is the date that will decide if you send me or my Opponent to represent the Democratic party in Florida's District-22.

Key Voting Dates:

  • August 28th - Critical voting day - I need your support on this day! ...only one of Democrat moves to the general election, make it Jeff Fandl
  • November 6th - Come back this day to send me to Washington to represent you

Next Steps...

It's time to take action and Donate to my campaign so we can win this election and bring a better life to you and your family.

You can also Donate on my Go Fund me site