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Jeff Fandl - The Champion of the Middle Class

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Progressive Democratic Candidate for US Congress - Florida

What if you found a candidate whose priorities are the Economy and Health care, someone willing to push for much more progressive policies than most of our current Democrats in Congress to make sure these priorities are met?  Well that candidate is finally here to represent the People of South Florida, it's time to meet Jeff Fandl, the Un-Politician.

Our Economy lacks a social safety net…

President Obama has done a great job at bringing our Economy back from the Great Recession and even now Billionaires and Corporate America continue to benefit under President Trump thanks in part to Huge tax breaks for them, however the American Citizens have been left behind with Trump's economic policies.  Saying we have a strong Economy is misleading and hides the underlying problems.  Wages haven't gone up, new job creation remains nearly the same, people aren't jumping from one job to another because employers are offering huge pay increases.  There are a lot of underlying problems within our economy that doesn't make the daily news cycle.  The OECD has recently published a report that points to one of the most significant reasons why America, when compared to the rest of the Advanced Nations, is under performing is that we lack a social safety net for the working class. If there is any doubt, look at the millions of people who lost their employment because of Covid-19. Millions have suffered financial ruin because our broken Congress failed to act. Sure President Trump pretended he wanted to help but when it came right down to it, he wasn't willing to help everyday Americans. He also knew the Republican Senate doesn't support a solution to help meet the needs of millions.

Having a strong economy is only part of the equation when you don't have a strong support system for the working class.  Jeff Fandl has plans to change that.   Think about this: What could happen to you during the next economic downturn, job change, family illness or other unplanned life event?  Most people aren't prepared for such a drastic change and one thing's for sure, the Government does not have a safety net for you. Covid-19 has finally hit us and proven the lack of a social safety net has financial ruined millions and will never recover the same.

Healthcare is off the charts…

How good is that strong economy when Healthcare has gotten so outrageously expensive that people cannot even afford the premiums, no less thinking about paying for a deductible or co-pays should you experience a medical problem.  Think about small business owners that cannot provide health insurance for themselves or their employees because it's beyond affordable.  This just cannot continue.

Corporate Welfare continues to drain America…

The problem is at so many levels that it may be hard for you to imagine change.  Our Conservative politicians continue cutting more and more from the government and offering us less and less while providing huge corporate welfare programs to big business.  Conservative politics only benefit the wealthy.  The other problem is that our Democrats in office have become victims of big business and supporting corporate interests as well as providing some basic social programs for the poor, but not nearly enough.  What about the rest of the working class, what about the Middle class?  Why have the Democrats been so soft on providing services that include the Middle Class?  It's hard to know why this has happened but the one thing that is Clear, things are not going to get better by electing the same politicians, it's time to replace our existing elected officials on a grand scale.  I saw we are at a pivotal point in America and this is one of the reasons I have decided to run for office, to bring my corporate leadership to Washington and lead that change and Bring Back the Middle Class.

Help Americans be successful…

I am a Progressive leader who has the ideas, the plans, the drive and the experience to bring fresh, bold ideas to Washington without all that political baggage. My ideas are bold and push new boundaries for what I believe the Federal Government should be doing to help support All Americans, like other advanced nations.  I don't believe in free everything for everyone, that's just unsustainable, however I strongly believe in providing the tools to allow All Americans to not only be successful but to thrive.  This should be the goal of every politician.

People over Corporations…

Today I live and work in the corporate world and know the challenges that many of us have faced with a government that is more interested in big business than the People that they are supposed to be representing. We need to reverse that trend and have a Federal Government that has a clear focus on making sure that the American People come First.  I've worked in Senior Management roles and managed multi-million dollar projects all over the world where I've seen so many countries that have lost their Middle Class and I will not let that happen to America!

It's time for Strong, New Leadership now, it's time to vote Jeff Fandl to represent you.


Jeff Fandl  The Un Politician
Jeff Fandl for Congress

JEFF FANDL: "The Champion of the Middle Class"

Where the American People come 1st!

Here is a brief summary of my Agenda. If you want to dive deeper,  you can find more on the Agenda page:



I think access to affordable Healthcare as one of the most basic responsibilities for our government to provide to all citizens. My bold plan is a Hybrid Single-Payer model that will provide routine Doctor visits and well care at no cost within 12 months and lay the framework for a single payer model in just 4 years.  I don't believe that if you start your own business, you're a 1099 contract worker or you become unemployed that you should ever have to worry about having the same access to affordable healthcare.  Whether you work for a large corporation or a mom and pop shop, your healthcare should cost the same.  Healthcare should be affordable without huge deductibles or excessive costs that force you into financial ruin or bankruptcy.  Your job and your health insurance plan will no longer be dependent on one another.

The Economy - Job/Worker Protections

Imagine an environment where everyone who is working gets at least a living wage, not the minimum wage that keeps people in poverty.  Every working class American gets 7-10 days of guaranteed sick pay from the Government.  What if unemployment assistance actually helped the Middle Class too? Too many people are just one corporate merger, one bad boss, or one family illness away from losing their job with no safety net to protect them, fortunately my plan protects against these common life events.  The Middle Class contributes the most to our economy yet we do nothing to insure they financially survive a job loss.  A job market where every worker, full-time or part-time has a number of sick days available, access to affordable healthcare, a living wage and unemployment protections that help the middle class too, unlike Florida's abysmal $275/week maximum benefit for the unemployed.

Gun Safety

When I send my son off to school in the morning, I expect to see him when I come home at night in one piece, not full of bullet holes.  When he goes to the movies with his friends, he should not have to dodge bullets flying in a theater or in the mall.  I don't want to read on the news that another 18 year old with emotional issues legally bought a high powered rifle (21 in Florida now) without a background check and shot into groups of people killing them, again.  We've got a huge gun problem in our country and we need to do a lot more to solve this.  Find out more on my Agenda page

Political Reform

When I cast my ballot to elect someone in office to represent me, I want my vote to count but I know that because of gerrymandering, the odds are stacked against me.  I see it's too easy for today's politicians to be bought by big corporations thanks in part to Citizens United which takes the voice of the people out of decisions that affect all Floridians. The current political Party uses powerful software to gerrymander districts to their advantage so they can unfairly win elections.  I'd like to use that powerful software to generate fair, non-partisan districts to stop the politicians from robbing people of their votes.

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Health Care

The Economy

Job Protections

Gun Safety