Jeff Fandl for Congress

Our Approach

Who is Jeff

Jeff Fandl was born and raised near Allentown Pennsylvania.  Always an explorer ready to take on a new challenge, he relocated to Florida in 1997 to make Florida his new home.  Jeff has one son who attended college for his Senior in High school and now he's off at Florida State University (#FSU - Go Noles!) pursuing a degree in Entrepreneurship, a Boy Scout leader and outdoor adventurer.  Jeff is a proud Father to raise a son with strong character and a commitment to helping others.

Our Story


Jeff grew up in his Father's footsteps as an entrepreneur where he found his passion in Leadership and eventually took over one of the family businesses.  Jeff had run several small businesses but decided it was time for a change so he relocated to Florida over 20yrs ago and took the bold step to take his experiences to the next level and worked his way to the Top in Senior Management with some well known multi-billion dollar companies, managing large scale global projects and teams.  Jeff had pursued his passion in Technology but kept getting driven to the top through coworkers that loved to work for him which made him highly successful. The most rewarding part for Jeff is to be able to help others to succeed.  He has hired and mentored many IT staff over the years and has had the pleasure in a select few to have helped with their success stories.  Jeff presently runs multi-million dollar projects for a large corporate Enterprise headquartered in South Florida where he is well liked and respected as a professional in his field.

Jeff is an out of the box Big Picture thinker.  He never accepts status quo simply because we've always done it that way. He likes to look at everything from a blank slate perspective and envision how things could possibly look from a different point of view.  This has allowed him to be highly successful as well as helping him with he many successes he has achieved in the corporate world.

It takes a strong leader with a wining personality to be successful and Jeff has proven that time and time again in every role he has held.  He continues to excel and take his career to the next level.

It is with this leadership, mentoring spirit and a commitment to help others achieve success that Jeff truly deserves the title: Champion of the Middle Class


Jeff is proud to have raised his son right here in South Florida which has exposed him to so many outdoor adventures and activities in the beautiful climate we live in.  His son has been involved in Boy Scouts for many years now and had achieved the most senior Scout leader (SPL) in his troop.  As an Eagle Scout himself, Jeff is proud that his son had attained Eagle Scout, the highest rank in Scouting which demonstrates leadership, strength, honor and integrity. He went on to become a lifeguard at a large Boy Scout camp in Virginia where he could help other youths grow.   Like his father, he has a strong belief in helping others which will help him succeed in life and helping those around him.  He is pursuing a career in Entrepreneurial Leadership, just like his Father and Grand Father.

As an active Monarch High School student in 2018, he had helped rally his friends with marches to Stoneman Douglas to join fellow students supporting the #MSD students and family who suffered through the horrific shooting.

In 2019, Jeff's son started his next adventure at one of Florida's great Universities (#FSU) with a full ride through the Bright Future's scholarship due to his excellent grades and strong determination.  He has followed in his father's path of self driven determination.

Jeff Fandl with Steven Fandl