Health Care


I'm taking a whole new approach to reduce skyrocketing health care costs in the US.  Single Payer is on the horizon and my plan lays the groundwork to integrate it into the economy but it doesn't stop there.  It's an approach that Washington hasn't seen yet. I have developed a multi-year framework to fix many of the known problems with our current system.  My new plan will make a huge dent for the small businesses that were hurt by the rates that skyrocketed when the Affordable Care Act was implemented.  My plan truly levels the playing field for all.

  • Single-payer groundwork
  • COBRA no longer necessary
  • Portable health insurance - no longer tied to employment
  • Employer contributions continue
  • Access for 1099 & Gig Workers
  • Huge savings for small biz & their employees, by removing the burden of health care

Worker Protections


One of the biggest weaknesses for American workers is you have almost no protection, no safety if you leave or lose your job.  It's time we put in place smart protections to prevent people and families from incurring financial devastation when they lose or leave a job. Expanding protections to the middle class, the backbone of the economy.  Florida has one of the lowest unemployment benefits in the country at the abysmal amount of just $275/week, which is hurting 400K Floridians every month (over 1 Million Floridians impacted in 2010).  My plan adds the economic safety net for these low income and finally adds middle class protections which will boost the economy nationwide.

  • Portable Health insurance - no longer tied to your job
  • New protections for 1099 & Gig workers
  • Federal Unemployment system with real benefits to help low and middle class
  • Full Benefit access for part-time workers, 1099 & Gig workers
  • Increasing the Minimum wage including COLA (Regional adjustments)
  • Stronger Overtime protections including raising the minimum salary
  • Earned vacation pay & comp-time guaranteed paid to you
  • Guaranteed sick days for PT & lower income earners
  • Ban states from suspending drivers licenses which prevent work
  • Access to Portable 401K for all workers plus employer match if offered
  • Relocation assistance for declining industries like coal
  • Child care assistance
  • Easier access for employers to match 401k contributions and health insurance
  • Less burden on HR staff saving employers money increasing productivity

Gun Safety


Gun Safety is such an important issue in America.  We lose tens of thousands of people every year due to gun violence and police shootings. A lot of it is due to mental health issues which is why I am going to push for expanded mental health services.  We know that over 80% of Americans support background checks so I'm going to push for this to insure that every gun owner goes through a background check to reduce the chance of the wrong person getting a hold of a gun when they shouldn't.  I also support reinstating the ban on assault rifles and weapons of war which do not belong in the hands of the Public.  The Supreme court ruled these particular weapons are not protected by the 2nd Amendment for good reason.  I support #NoNRAMoney and pledge to not take funds from the NRA.

  • Support for the 2nd amendment rights along with sensible safety controls
  • Increased funding for Mental health services
  • Federal 21 yrs old to buy
  • 3 day waiting period
  • Gun owner license with background check required for all gun purchases
  • Ban assault & weapons of war (Collector exclusions)
  • Increase Law Enforcement officer training to reduce gun deaths and increase the use of non-lethal force

Political Reform


Let's face it, Career Politicians have destroyed Washington with Gerrymandering, Partisan gridlock and big donor influence just to name a few.  Republicans who want to cut voter rolls clearly do not have Americans best interests at heart.  Voting should be a right, not a privilege.   I'd like to reboot Washington but it's not going to happen overnight so the way we start fixing it is by electing Successful leaders like myself who believe in doing what's right for Americans instead of what's right for the party.  Stop electing career politicians who don't have your interests at heart, elect candidates who are leaders in the real world.  My goal is to make Gerrymandering a thing of the past with something new called "Districting".

  • Eliminate Gerrymandering
  • Make voting a right, not a privilege
  • Replace the Electoral college
  • Reduce big money's influence in politics
  • Easier access for non-wealthy Americans to enter the government

If you elect me to the 22nd Congressional district supporting many cities like Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Parkland, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, I will be using my Strong Leadership and Team building skills to bring Solutions to our issues we face.

In addition to my top priorities, I will also be tackling issues like:

  • Legalizing Medical Marijuana nationwide - allowing the states to decide on recreational use
  • Stopping the "War on the poor" - no one should go to jail simply because they're poor
  • Ending Civil Asset forfeiture - these laws prevent people from Due Process which every Citizen is guaranteed
  • Providing alternate solutions to prison for non-violent crimes
  • Raising the minimum wage with COLA built in
  • Climate change based on Science, not politics
  • A solution for DACA recipients - they shouldn't be punished for their parent's mistakes, they need to be naturalized now
  • Immigration reform - it's time to stop playing games with human lives, implement a path to Citizenship now, improve future immigration rules
  • Protecting LGBT rights - our LGBT community deserves the same protections that every other American benefits from
  • A National standards organization - allowing states to use Federal framework to implement State programs to reduce costs
  • Education improvements - other countries have much better education than America and for lower costs - We need to see what they are doing right and where we need to improve
  • Implementing smarter government - streamlining inefficient legacy processes
  • Prison reform - Fairer laws to stop sending people to for-profit prisons simply for profit