Why should I vote for you?

I am the Un-Politician.  As a Strong Leader who has 15+ years of large Corporate Enterprise experience leading large teams in multi-billion dollar corporations, Jeff has proven he knows how to lead people, projects and teams to get things done.  His international experience brings the right skills to a culturally diverse Washington.

...but you haven't held a political office before

Exactly.  That's what makes Jeff a better candidate than people you may have previously voted for.   Jeff Fandl knows how the real corporate world works and the challenges that so many Americans for in working for corporate America.  You cannot afford to elect another career politician who doesn't have this strong experience.  Jeff does not bring the political baggage like current politicians in office, he brings new, fresh ideas the Un-Politician.

What do you think about Term limits for Congress?

I strongly support term limits for Congress.  Once you're in the same job for more than 6 years, you begin to lose touch with the world outside of your environment and it's time to grow and move on.  Sure some people are happy or complacent in the same job for eight, ten, fifteen years but those are not the people you want representing you in Congress.  You need fresh, up to date, in touch politicians who are in sync with what the people want and need.  I strongly encourage any politician in Congress more than 10 years to retire now and give way to helping the American people.  If there's any doubt, just look at Congress's approval rating of only 17% for the last 10 years.

Do you support Socialism?

No. But I don't support Authoritarianism either which is what led to Socialism for our Southern neighbors. I believe in personal responsibility, however that's often not enough in a capitalistic society. We need programs in place to insure everyone's access to become a successful, productive member of society.

What do you think about Single Payer healthcare?

Conceptually it sounds great but capitalism has allowed America's healthcare system to become a playground for corporate greed.  Trying to abruptly shift to a single payer model for healthcare would decimate our economy and take us right into a recession.  My plan takes a hybrid approach which prevents the huge job losses that would occur with a sudden Single payer system and allows America to bring health care costs under better control by taking it in phases.  Each phase has a major stepping stone to balance the needs of businesses involved in healthcare/insurance, employees involved in those businesses and the American people.  Every phase has a target to get us to the end game which will become Single-payer.

What do you think about the #NeverAgain movement or #MSDstrong movement?

I considered sending my son to MSD in 2017 but decided to keep him at Monarch High instead.  Living within 10 minutes of MSD, the massacre that took place really hit home for me.  Growing up in PA, I have shot several guns/rifles at targets (non-living) but I know enough that guns are used for killing, that is their primary purpose.  While I don't agree with many pro-gun supporters about the reasons to have guns, I know they're not going away anytime soon in America so we need to take smarter action to prevent these killing machines to be accessible by people with depression and other mental illnesses.   Background checks are a non-negotiable item in my book, any gun owner must go through a mental health evaluation before being allowed to own a gun.  I am proud to stand by his son who participated in the school walkouts and walked to MSD during the first march with a "I am a Student, not a target shirt".  I am also proud of Runcey's position on the young adults supporting fellow students.

Will you take any money from the NRA?

NO!  Find my signature at No NRA Money:  https://www.nonramoney.org/  #NoNRAMoney

Do you support the LGBT community?

Absolutely. LGBT rights should be no different than yours or mine.  I will fight strongly against the people who want to discriminate against others that are different than they are.

How do you feel about Climate Change?

I am proud to be endorsed by the Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida.  I believe that the Federal government has a responsibility to the American people to bring Science back to Washington to acknowledge the reality of Climate change and how it is affecting our environment.  It does not end in the US as there are issues throughout the world that affect our climate which require us to work as a global team towards minimizing the impact of this huge issue. With Florida's 1,350 miles of coastline, we cannot afford to postpone action on this serious threat to our environment as well as our economy.