National Healthcare for All

National Healthcare Plan

Including “Medicare for Some”

By Jeff Fandl

US Congressional candidate FL

April 2019


Is Medicare for All possible...

Let’s face it, “Medicare for All” is not possible with most of the proposals put out by our current Congressional leaders like @SenSanders, @SenWarren so how do we get there?  What if there was a way to implement it without all the downsides?  What if the Insurance companies and Employers across the nation supported the plan?  What if there was a way to implement it without destroying the US economy or draining the government?  There is, it’s the National Healthcare Plan, a Hybrid Single Payer plan by Jeff Fandl, a US Congressional candidate in Florida, which addresses the shortcomings in most of the proposals in the political realm today.

The Conservative side of things...

If you’re a conservative, you might be asking what about @RealDonaldTrump‘s comments that Republicans are going to be known as the party of Healthcare?  The Republican Party has had 8 years to fix the ACA and make changes to improve healthcare for Americans yet they spent all their energy trying to dismantle it and take away benefits. The reality is the Republican party is not interested in fixing healthcare, they would rather have it back to the way things used to be and let free market capitalism "fix it".  What they fail to understand is that’s why the ACA was created, because too many Americans were fed up with the previous free market healthcare that kept millions uninsured and keep rates sky rocketing.

The Secret Ingredient...

The Hybrid Single Payer plan provides a framework solution for one of the biggest challenges with implementing any National Healthcare System, the Employer/Employee relationship.  Once we separate your healthcare from your employment, your flexibility and stability increase exponentially. No more I lost my job now I have no health insurance. No more working at a job you don’t like but stay only because you need the health insurance. No more running a small business and not being able to provide affordable coverage to employees. No more being self-employed or unemployed and not being able to purchase the same coverage as Employer sponsored coverage at the same rates.  If you're covered by a plan that you like, no problem, the insurance companies will be required to offer the same plan that your employer had which is one of the big reasons why Medicare for All, by itself, would not work upfront.

Is Healthcare a Human Right...

As human beings, we all need some kind of healthcare at many points in our life, that’s a fact. While some consider Healthcare a Human Right, many disagree. What I think most Americans will agree on is that the Federal Government has a responsibility to help create an environment for every American obtain healthcare at the lowest possible cost.  Insurance companies were formed to make profits by spreading the risk of the high costs some individuals might incur and balance the costs out with healthy individual who use very little services.  The problem with Insurance companies is they are for-profit entities, diluting the money you pay them to help increase profits and benefit their shareholders.

Profits are holding us back...

Another big problem with other proposals for Single Payer or fixing the ACA plan is that they fail to properly address the reality that Healthcare is 20% of the US economy today.  Any major changes are going to have a major impact to how the economy moves. We cannot force the changes overnight, they need to be phased in so that Insurance companies are not forced out of business, and rather they evolve to a newer business model.  Insurance companies know that if we switch to Medicare for All, their business is over and they are no longer relevant. My plan will save the insurance companies and their employees however they will become a new type of non-profit entity, distributing their corporate profits back the American citizens while allowing limited investment from the financial markets.

Americans love their choices...

We also need to address the fact that Americans are all about choices.  While we think we have a big choice in our healthcare, the reality is most employers only provide one to three different types of plans to pick from., not really much choice.  To make matters worse, some are PPO’s or HMO’s which dramatically restrict control of your healthcare. We need a solution that addresses this restriction by putting you, the individual, in charge of selecting your own plan from a large pool of choices, not one that your employer picks for you.

Is all this possible?  Yes, in fact, it’s possible to begin immediate implementation and complete the rollout in four years with noticeable benefits beginning in the first 12 months.

Here are some of the highlights of the plan to give you a preview of some of the changes:

  • FBA (Federal Benefits Account) – Every US Citizen and LPR will be able to open one at a US bank. You will pay your monthly health insurance premiums into this account. Employers will contribute their portion to your account. The bank will pay your health insurance provider.
  • You will select and purchase your health insurance from a health insurance broker (MGA) instead of your employer, opening your choice up to purchase a larger number of private plans, as well as ACA and Medicare plans.
  • Employers are out of the Medical benefits business, saving them tens to hundreds of thousands by no longer having to staff benefit specialists.
  • Medical service costs to be leveled with clearly published prices that may be 5-20% above the cost of the cash price for the service. Cash payers (US Citizens & LPR only) without insurance get the lowest price. Non-US Citizens can obtain medical service at base rates plus a 40% surcharge.
  • Within the first year, Primary doctor visits and well visits will be contracted through an improved Medicare program that will allow all US Citizens and LPR’s to receive service at a low copay (target cost < $35) with or without insurance. Insurance providers will become major medical providers only.
  • Program will be connected with a new Federal Unemployment plan which will incorporate a National protection plan for workers to receive paid sick time to stay home from work so they can heal instead of spreading their illness to coworkers or customers.
  • Insurance companies and related industries will become a new type of business entity where they operate in the best interests of providing quality healthcare to every US Citizen instead of trying to raise stock holders profits. Every American Citizen will become a stock holder and receive profit sharing through your Federal tax return annually.
  • Existing medical professionals with outstanding student loans will be eligible for new programs to help reduce or eliminate the student loans based on certain criteria. Current and new medical students will receive a new set of benefits to encourage success in the medical field while keeping the costs for school much lower than they are today, including Federally funded student loans at 1% max interest rate.

Political leaders wanted...

The above list is just a sample of the overall program to highlight some of the major changes that will help take us to a National Healthcare System that works for Americans as well as Corporate America.  Detailed plans are available to a limited number of political leaders and certain professionals who have the ability to influence or implement a new healthcare system.  If you think you qualify and would like to request more details, please send your request for more information to: