American Workers lost Huge today in the Supreme Court

Today was another day that will go down in history as the day that Supreme Court siding with Corporate America took a major step towards weakening employee protections provided by various Federal and State laws.  Millions of workers will be affected by this where it becomes unaffordable for employees to seek damages caused by unscrupulous employers who do not pay overtime properly as well as discrimination issues like the #MeToo movement affecting gender, race and religious discriminations.

We’ve been hearing for years about women being paid less than men and now the chance of bringing a class action lawsuit representing a group of women wronged by employers has been thrown out the window.

Individuals who are wronged by an employer who refuses to pay overtime, decides not to pay for certain work performed or commissions due are all impacted by this ruling.  A bad employer who has a history of these types of labor violations can now get away with the violations much easier with little risk of a big lawsuit.

The Federal government needs to implement strong worker protections, not take them away.

The Republican Party has a history of taking away individuals rights in favor of big business.  If the working class Americans cannot rely on the Federal Government to protect them from unscrupulous employers, it will further erode the value of low and middle class workers, pushing them further and further away from the American dream while increasing employee abuses.

We should not expect the Republicans in Congress to make a positive effort towards helping the American worker, it goes against everything they believe in.  Big Corporations love this because it can save them Millions of dollars in fines, violations and court costs so it should be no surprise they pushed for this to happen.

So what can you do?

You and every other working class American can go to the Polls this November and vote for Democrats in Congress like Jeff Fandl who have a strong interest in protecting the American Worker.  Jeff Fandl for Congress has committed his efforts to implementing much greater worker protections than America has seen before.  Jeff Fandl will be implementing much stronger overtime protections for workers, protection for 1099 contractors and gig economy workers too.  Vacation pay that’s earned will be guaranteed paid, no more use it or lose it scams.  Federal sick days to help employees who do not receive sick day pay through their employer will be available.  And of course new regulations to reverse this disastrous interpretation of the near 100 year old Arbitration law that triggered today’s decision.

It doesn’t matter what Political Party you belong to today, if you are working class, this affects you.  Make sure your voice is heard at the polls this November.  Make sure your representative supports the working class.