England has laws to prevent political speech lying- Why are we behind the times? Imagine the implications

Imagine living in a world where the Office of the President provides truthful, meaningful and valuable information to help keep the American Citizens up to date.  What would this world look like?  It would be a stark contrast from the political rhetoric that we see today.  This shouldn't be something you imagine, this should be reality!

We have let our Political system become a pulpit of marketing misleading information to influence voters, steer them away from the truth or even incite violence.  Why have we allowed this to happen?  I am quite sure our Founding Fathers did not ever intend for this to be the case.  The Whitehouse, part of the Executive Branch of the government, is the most powerful voice on the Planet yet we have allowed propaganda from past and the current President to shape our planet without any controls to protect us from abuse of this awesome position of power.

The Whitehouse and Office of the President is so important to our Nation and the World that it must be held to the absolute highest standards.  We are the Global leader and need to lead by example with a Strong position of the Truth, Humanities and a common goal of United Nations that empower and support the people of the world.  A nation that provides values that all other nations look up to and envy.  We can be that nation once again but not while we are being torn apart with internal struggles and lies that show we are weaker as a nation than we have ever been before.  We need to rise up and lead, not rise up and bully our friends and neighbors.

Our current President is not the first President to lie to the American People, however it has reached a point where even his own supporters acknowledge that the President is not telling the truth more often than not.  Being truthful, kind and helpful to other people is one of the greatest gifts we can share with other humans across the globe and we simply cannot let our country become the place where we incite violence and hatred towards others and mislead the people we represent for our own personal gains.

Unless there are nuclear warheads hurtling towards us at 8,000 MPH, the information that is provided to the American People by the Office of the President is not likely a life or death situation that needs to be addressed within the next few hours.  The information is usually related to much longer term issues that need to be properly detailed and clarified for accuracy to deliver the Truth to the Citizens of America. For this reason, I am proposing a bold new law that requires that all Public speeches and Social Media posts made by the Whitehouse officials and the President to go through a non-partisan fact checking committee before being released to the Public, to insure it's accuracy and to avoid misleading statements that may sway Americans inappropriately towards a falsehood.  We should expect absolutely nothing less from the Executive branch.

Because the Whitehouse and Office of the President are so powerful, this non-partisan committee will have a very important role in ensuring that information communicated by the Executive branch is filled with facts and truthful statements so that when the world hears us, they will be hearing accurate information.  This committee will remain independent of the Presidency and not have direct communication with a President to avoid any conflicts or influence.  This committee will have the power to prevent speeches or misleading social media posts from reaching the American People to protect our position.  Should a President decide to go against the committee, they shall have the power to sanction any Whitehouse official including the President to prevent any further misleading statements and temporarily relieve that person from power, up to and including the President.  Should that person continue to abuse their power, the committee may suspend that person, including the President, from their office and refer them to Congress for Contempt which may include removal from office.  As the leader of the free world, we cannot let any Executive who represents America mislead the American People or the rest of the globe. Without Truth, we are nothing.  Without humanity, we are nothing.  We will not be nothing.

Support me @JFANDL325 in crafting the most powerful legislation of 2019 to bring the Truth in Politics Act to life when we take back the house in November!