Unemployment Protections for the Middle Class in a 21st Century Economy

What would happen if you lived in a world where Unemployment Protections were actually designed to support you through a transition and have you come out ahead?  A Worker Protection program where unemployment no longer means financial devastation.  A Government program designed to Help not Hurt the American worker.

All across the country, Unemployment benefits vary from state to state but one things for sure, Florida's Unemployment benefits are the 4th lowest in the nation!  That's not a number we Floridians should be proud of, actually I'm embarrassed by it.

The Middle Class buy more cars, houses, electronics, vacations and other consumables.  We pay more in taxes and give more in donations as well.  Basically we are the American Economy.  So why is it that our Politicians have not put protections in place for the Middle Class to survive an loss of job which are regularly occurring events in modern Corporate America?

My bold new plan will bring Unemployment protections into the 21st Century by providing a Federal Unemployment program that eliminate Florida's Abysmal unemployment benefits of just $275/week and replace it with a plan that is likely to see a cash benefit of up to around $1,100/week in the South Florida market.  Finally coverage for the Middle Class!  Don't worry it's a nationwide program that is adjusted based on local costs of living.  But it doesn't stop there.  My plan will incorporate provisions to allow you to suspend mortgage payments and even rent payments if the landlord is mortgaged, making your cash benefit go further.  Special programs will be also be in place to protect your vehicle from late payments if financed .

Do you have an abusive boss or want to change jobs but cannot afford to risk the loss of income while you go back to school or change jobs, there will be special provisions in the program for you too.  Job training for higher skilled positions will be offered.

How much does a Florida employer pay per employee per year for Unemployment protection?  If you guessed only $161/yr/employee, you're correct.  I call that Corporate Welfare.  Real people need real solutions.  If you like my program, please comment, share, tweet and get the word out...It's time for the Middle Class to have a voice in Washington.


Here are some of the highlights of the program:

  • Nationwide - will not be limited by your State
  • Cash benefits of up to around $1,100/weekly
  • Market based benefits depending on your regional cost of living
  • Option to suspend mortgage or rent payments in most cases (you still have to pay them eventually)
  • Protection for your vehicle financing so you do not lose your car
  • Special programs for hostile work environments and self improvement plans
  • Advanced training programs to elevate your career, even for professionals
  • Access to financial planners
  • Voluntary benefits for people who need to go back to school to boost their career or escape from a hostile work environment
  • 7-10 paid sick days available for All working class Americans